Friday, October 21, 2016

A road race and another Fall trip to North Conway

Since my last update I ran in the Tufts 10k and went back up to North Conway for another Fall adventure.  I only "ran in" -- and not "raced in" -- the Tufts 10k since I had gotten sick and didn't really run for about a week, so the race was the first time that I was feeling back to normal.  I ended up averaging 6:16 pace, and progressed my mile splits throughout the race since I found that although I had felt terrible running in the days leading up to the race, I felt better than I had expected once I started and since then have been building back into good training.  This was my first race ever in downtown Boston and it was really cool to run on the closed roads! 

Warming up before the race.  It was a warm, sunny, and windy day. 

On the way down Iron Mountain

Heading down Hurricane Mountain

At the start of the hike up Iron Mountain there is a farm and big clearing and the views were spectacular.

I got a leaf peeping guide at the New Hampshire welcome center, which provided lots of helpful information. 

The leaves progressively began to change as we drove up north. 

At the top of Hurricane Mountain there was an old fire tower that we could go in.  Back in the day people would like up here and watch for fires down below. 

There were windows around the whole fire tower and it provided a warm nice spot to take in the scenery. 

All throughout the hikes there were many brightly colored leaves on the ground and on the trees. 

Lucas found a giant boulder near the trail on Hurricane Mountain that had somehow split in half. 

At one of the outlooks on Iron Mountain.

At the summit of Iron Mountain.  The wood in the background is from an old fire tower.  The summit of the hike was just the beginning since we hiked over the top and down to the old mining site where there was an old mining tunnel that we went into. 

Just one of many leaves. 

Near the mining tunnel there was a pile of rocks. 

Walking out of the tunnel. 

The tunnel.  It was a bit hard to find since it's a bit off the trail and Iron Mountain doesn't seem to be too popular of a hike, but it was fun to explore. 

We found a really nice outlook on Iron Mountain to eat lunch at. 

Survey marker at the top of Iron Mountain. 

About halfway down Iron Mountain there were a lot of nice birch trees, including this one.  

The fall foliage from the start of the Iron Mountain hike. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

A fall trip to North Conway

Last weekend we visited my brother in North Conway and got to hike a mountain, slide down a mountain, go apple picking and generally enjoy New Hampshire in the fall.

Riding the lift to the Attitash slide.

Sliding down the mountain was a lot of fun.

Crossing the train tracks before beginning the hike up Mount Willard.

The view from the top of Mount Willard

There were some games near the bottom as part of the Appalachian Trail Club

We went apple picking at Hatch Orchards.  This was a small orchard owned and operated by an elderly couple.  It was mentioned in an old blog post that I found online and otherwise not advertised but then it was the feature story the next week in the local newspaper!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Garden

This summer the flowers in my garden did pretty well considering the drought and really hot temperatures.  The following are some of my favorite shots from the summer.

Thanks to these little plants I had some great fresh lettuce salads for most of the summer!