Sunday, November 9, 2014

Acadia National Park in November

Tom and I are currently on a weekend trip up in Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park.  We are having a great time, but it is surprisingly a ghost town here.  There are only a few shops and restaurants open, and many of them say they are closing at the end of the month.  I have never been to a town that closes for the winter and it is a bit strange.  The town is mostly closed, but the park is open and is fun to explore when few other people are around!  We started off going to Sand Beach and were planning on doing a hike from there that we had seen people do in the summer, but it turns out that during high tide the trial is inaccessible.  We then stopped at Thunder Hole, which was cool, but not too thunderous when we were there.  Then, a little ways down the road we stopped at a trailhead and did a short hike down to Seal Harbor.  For any cyclists, if you are planning on coming here in the off season, be sure to bring your bikes, because the park loop road has few cars on it, is newly paved, and would of course make for a beautiful (and challenging!) ride.  Below are some photos from my GoPro.
On some rocks near Thunder Hole 
Hiking down to Seal Harbor 
Tom crossing the street to Seal Harbor
At the start of the hike to Seal Harbor
Sand Beach.  It was a lot colder than last time we were here!

Sand Beach

Thunder Hole

Near Thunder Hole

Thursday, October 16, 2014

TBT to high school XC

It snowed at the Class A meet that year
I recently came across my training log from my freshman/sophomore year of high school, which details my daily training from outdoor track my freshman year to the middle of outdoor track my sophomore year.  If you're reading this and are in high school, I highly suggest keeping a daily log for training purposes (you can see how you felt on a certain day, what you did, what splits you hit in a workout…) but also so that in 10 years you can look back at it for a good laugh.  During the time period of this training log I went from taking soccer very seriously, to quitting soccer and switching to cross country.  From the outside I know it seemed like a bit of a strange decision, but my goal from the start was to win the state title in cross country, and I had no doubt that I would do it.  There were many returning upperclassman who were much better than me, so I knew that I simply had to work harder and have no fear.  One of my attributes that I think has enabled me to achieve many of the athletic goals I have set for myself since I was little was having no fear of my competition, and knowing that as long as I have prepared to the best of my abilities, I can accomplish a lot.  I think this is a great mindset to have, especially in cross country where you know the exact times your competition has run.
I battled the whole way for the win
at the state meet

On this day (10-16-04) 10 years ago: I warmed up .75 miles (one NN complex) and then did a track workout of 1 mile in 5:44 (400jog) 1200 in 4:20 (400jog) 1200 in 4:24 (400jog), 800 in 2:50 (400jog), 800 in 2:50 (400jog), 4x200 all out (no time) with 400j recovery.  .75 cool down.  Then ran 6 miles later in the day at the Brown invitational with Tom for 13 miles total

My main message is whether you want nothing more than to win the state meet or you want to earn a spot on your variety team for the championship meets, don't be afraid to truly push yourself; you might be surprised to find out how good you truly are if you do.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Training Tuesday

Big pumpkins (100-133 pounds) at Wilson
Farm over the weekend!
This week I have a down week of training so not as much volume and not as much intensity, therefore my training today reflects that.

  • 3k swim.  Did a bunch of kicking and drills.
  • 6 mile run on the river. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Update

I am now a bit over a month into law school and as you might be able to tell from my lack of longer blog posts, I am quite busy.  I am amazed with how much I have learned in such a relatively short period of time.  I have also joined Tom in the law school government, as I was elected as my section's section representative.  I have my first Board of Governors meeting tonight where I will be a voting member.  As for my schedule, I am in class on three evenings a week for 3-4 hours depending on the day.  Law school is very different than undergrad in terms of learning because I have found that most of the actual learning that I do comes from doing the readings and class time is more of a discussion where not much material is actually covered.

My training since my last real update has been going well.  I am doing a little less volume than before I started school, but I am still getting in plenty of swimming, biking, and running.  I have had some good workouts in all three and it is fun to have a nice break from school to go do a hard workout.  As for racing, I have largely wrapped up my racing season, but I would like to do a couple of road races during the fall.  On the weekends I have been doing a long run/workout on Saturdays and a long ride on Sundays.
Finishing up a hard 13 mile workout at Battle Road Trail in Lexington two weeks ago in my SOAS racing run kit 
In the middle of a long ride out in Dover last weekend
I just heard it's going to be in the 30s tonight, so I suppose that will be the final end to my garden.  I had a great garden this summer with lots of bright sunflowers.  No champ the sunflower like last year, but more variety.  In addition, I grew some plants that I have not grown before such as potatoes (lots of them!), and eggplants, strawberry corn, and onions all from seed.
My teddy bear sunflowers bloomed at the start of September, a few weeks after all the other sunflowers 

I grew one pumpkin
My mammoth sunflowers had purple seeds for some reason
Potatoes, eggplants, little watermelons, flowers, and "strawberry" corn

Two of my late season eggplants

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Training Tuesday

I promise soon I will write a more interesting post!  But, for now, here is this week's training Tuesday.

  • 9 mile loop on the River toward Watertown.  I have not run this way in a long time and they are building a new dirt trail on the long stretch across from CRI, so I am looking forward to running there when they are done!
  • 4,500 total at Cambridge Masters swim practice.  I also did a 100 kick time trial at the end so that I can see how much I can improve that during the off season from triathlon. 
To stick with the Walden Pond photo theme, here's another form last weekend.  The leaves are starting to change and I predict next weekend will be wonderfully nice if you have a chance to get out there. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Training Tuesday

Today was a similar day of training to last week, just with slightly more volume.  Also, happy first day of fall!!

  • Biked one hour, probably about 12 or so miles with CSW cycling club
  • Ran 8 miles along the Charles River
  • Swim workout at Cambridge Masters, 5k total 

Walden Pond before Tom and I swam there on Saturday evening

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Training Tuesday

Today I had a nice afternoon/evening of training with cycling club, a run, and then a swim workout.
  • Cycling club at CSW. We only went about 6 or 7 miles and are planning on a longer ride to Walden Pond at our next class on Friday. 
  • 7 mile normal run on Comm Ave. after getting treatment from Dr. Welt yesterday, it was the best I have felt in awhile. 
  • Swim workout at Cambridge Masters, 4,500 total, mid-distance freestyle. 

I started off my day by doing some work in the courtyard at the Boston Public Library