Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Training Tuesday

Today I had a nice afternoon/evening of training with cycling club, a run, and then a swim workout.
  • Cycling club at CSW. We only went about 6 or 7 miles and are planning on a longer ride to Walden Pond at our next class on Friday. 
  • 7 mile normal run on Comm Ave. after getting treatment from Dr. Welt yesterday, it was the best I have felt in awhile. 
  • Swim workout at Cambridge Masters, 4,500 total, mid-distance freestyle. 

I started off my day by doing some work in the courtyard at the Boston Public Library

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pumpkinman Sprint Triathlon

Running up the hill after the swim
Last weekend I raced the Pumpkinman sprint triathlon.  This was my third time competing in this race, and yet again the race was a great one.  This race sells out each year, but if you are able to register in time, I highly suggest doing it next year.  The atmosphere is great and everything is very organized and enjoyable.  My personal race this year wasn't the best, but as a testament to the great job race director Kat Donatello does putting on the race, I still had a great time.

With starting law school during the week of the race and being around a lot of new people, I was a bit under the weather and was not feeling great the morning of the race, and I didn't feel very good during the race, but I was able to get through it and finish in second place.  It was quite warm out the morning of the race, I think it was about 82 or so when we arrived in the morning, so a bit of a change from the past years I have done the race when it had been pretty chilly.

The swim is in a pond and is only a few minutes long.  I didn't have a good swim but I was able to hang on to the back of the front pack.  Upon exiting the water it is on to a long run up a steep grass hill.  

It was then on to the bike.  I started the bike with Catherine Sterling, the eventual race winner, but she very quickly dropped me and I spent the rest of the ride alone.  Well, alone in terms of other racers, but there were plenty of volunteers and police officers along the way.  The bike course is out on nice winding and hilly roads, which would make for a nice ride, but not when feeling as bad as I did.  From having raced here twice before, I somewhat remembered the course so I was able to sort of know the course, where the big hills are, and about how far I had left, which was nice.  I felt progressively worse as the bike went on and ended up throwing up three times, but I made myself drink my whole bottle of GU Energy Roctane, and I think that ended up helping me get through the race.
Hanging out with a Pumpkinman 

Next up was the 3 mile run.  I really enjoy the run course at this race.  It is basically three long straight roads with some slight downhill the first two miles and slight uphill the last mile.  In the past I have had a good time running hard and fast on this course, but unfortunately I knew coming off the bike that I had no chance of catching Catherine Sterling, as I had a terrible stomach ache/cramp.  About half way through the run after slogging along I was able to not have a terrible cramp anymore and just finish up the run.  All in all, I obviously wish I felt better, but with how I was feeling, I suppose I am pleased with how it ended up going.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Training Tuesday

Sorry for the delay in my training Tuesday post this week. I had a very busy day yesterday once I finished up training because I had orientation.  For those that don't know, I'll be starting law school (today actually) at Suffolk Law's evening program.  This Tuesday I started off with a run starting on the river in Cambridge and I ran to Fresh Pond from there (somehow it's only about a mile from the river!) Then I followed that up with a swim workout. 

(Also, sorry about the weird formatting, I typed this on my phone.)

7 mile run with long strides near the end (very hot and humid out) thanks to Charles River Canoe and kayak for the free water!

4700 total mid-distance swim workout with Cambridge Masters Swimming at Harvard. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

This past week Tom and I drove up to Bar Harbor/ Acadia National Park for an end of summer vacation before starting law school next week.  The trip went by very quickly, which I suppose is a testament to how nice it is there and how much there is to do.  This was our third or fourth time there so this time we made sure to visit some new places, like Sand Beach, and branch out to new carriage trails instead of sticking to the main route around Eagle Lake. Below are a few pictures from the trip, in no particular order. 
Walking in the shallow water looking for crabs before going out for some great lobster rolls.  
We camped at Hadley's Point campground, which is a few miles outside of Bar Harbor.  It's a very nice campground and we stayed here last year as well.  Here is Tom doing a great job building a fire for s'mores. 
Panorama of the cliffs near Sand Beach.  
Tom out in front on a bike ride through Acadia. 

Had a nice visit with smokey the bear on the way up.  
There was some cool grass at Eagle Lake.  As you can see, it is red on the bottom and green on the top. 
There are roughly 130 miles of carriage roads throughout the park. They are all about this wide and very well groomed.  They were financed by John Rockefeller and took 30 years to complete in the early 1900s.  
On one of the routes we biked on there was lots of evidence of beavers, although we did not spot any actual beavers.  
Here we are in the middle of a bike on top of Paradise Hill.  There is not much cell coverage throughout the park so Tom was happy to find some on the top of the hill overlooking a town. 
Panorama of Sand Beach.  The water is nice and bright blue. 
Tom exploring the cliffs near Sand Beach.  
Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. 

2 Cats breakfast.  This was our favorite breakfast spot of the trip.  Each morning, we set out to try a new place, but we ended up eating here our last two days because it was so good.  I certainly recommend trying it out if you are in town.  The first day I got an omelet and the second day I got raspberry almond pancakes, both of which were great and super filling.  Most of the meals come with a giant biscuit served with strawberry butter, which makes a nice special edition to the meal.  The other good breakfast place is Jeanne's Great Maine breakfast, which we went to on the first day and I got to see an old friend of mine from club soccer and her family.  Those two breakfast spots will fill you up to go on the many active adventures that are offered in the park. 

During low tide there is a large sandbar that connects the main part of the town to Bar Island.  It's fun to walk across and you can even drive on it.  They have pictures up of people who parked their cars on the sandbar and I guess forgot to move them when the tide came in so they were submerged in the ocean. 
There were some great skipping stones on the sandbar.
During our time there, I started studying for law school.  I have some readings due for the first day of class, which is this Wednesday.  I doubt I will be encountering many places as nice to read as this spot over looking the harbor.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Training Tuesday

This week Tom and I are running a middle school/high school preseason cross country camp at Newton North, which has been going great.  After camp yesterday we went out to Walden Pond and there I swam and then ran.

  • One hour total swim workout at Walden Pond with 6 x across the pond the short way progressing each one.  4:08 down to 3:33.
  • 6 mile run at Battle Road trail.
    We found a crayfish...
    …and it was an excellent day for swimming

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August garden in full bloom

View from the bottom of my sunflower forest.
I had a large beet and carrot patch and one day I noticed all the beet greens were limp and dying.  Upon further investigation, I saw that something had dug up and eaten all of the beets and had left the beet greens in place.  Whatever it was then moved onto the carrots, so I had to pick all of my carrots at once before they got eaten. 

I planted these eggplants inside as seeds in March and planted them outside in my garden in the early summer.  This is my first eggplant (about two weeks ago) and I have one more that is a little bigger than this. 
We have lots and lots of flowers growing.  
More flowers, including my first sunflower of the summer. 
Nasturtium and a cabbage
This flower broke through to the other side of the fence.
Little watermelon
My first dahlia flower 
Three squash and an eggplant.
After having a ridiculous number of tomatoes last summer, I did not plant any plants this summer, but one did grow on its own anyway. 
More nice flowers

We planted some acorn squash this year and it is doing very well.  Squash is much better  fresh from the garden, especially acorn squash. 
And some more flowers!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Training Tuesday

Today was a nice day to be outside, especially since tomorrow is supposed to be a washout.  I had a bike in the morning and then a swim workout at Walden Pond in the evening. 
We got to swim as the sun was setting
  • 43 mile bike with 5-4-3-2-1 high cadence starting at 5 min of 100 cadence, progressing by 5 to finish with 1 min at 120. 
  • 1 hour swim workout at Walden Pond

Also, next week is my middle school and high school cross country camp if anyone is interested in signing up.  More information can be found by clicking here.