Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Training Tuesday

This week I have a sort of down week of training.  Normally it would be a full down week (less volume) but since I have track camp next week (click here if you're interested) and will not be able to train at full capacity because of it, I will have both this week and next be "medium" weeks.
  • 6 mile run at Cold Spring with Tom in the early afternoon.  I had a hard training block at the end of last week, and I was surprised to feel pretty good and not sore running today.  I had a nice long full body ice bath in the cold Maine ocean yesterday, so that might have helped.
  • 5,000y total swim workout at Cambridge Masters swim practice.  It was a threshold workout and was one of the better workouts I have ever had and certainly my best workout this cycle. 
I also went blueberry picking this morning! If you look closely, you can see I am wearing
 my Nantucket SOAS Racing shorts.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Training Tuesday

Today I had a normal run and a swim workout.  This was my first swim workout at Blodgett pool since January, since I had some time off and then the pool was closed for maintenance, and it was nice to be back swimming there.

  • 7 miles easy at 7min at the pace down to 6:40 pace at the end.  It was extremely humid out.
  • 4,500 total at Cambridge Masters swim practice.  Main set started with some 200s, which were tough and I did better in the workout than I thought I was going to and had a great time. 
Last week I did all of my swims at Walden Pond, this week
 it's back to mainly pool swimming

For anyone looking for a camp for their kids, my youth track and field camp is now less than two weeks away.  It is July 28-Aug 1 at Newton North and more information can be found by clicking here.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Garden Update

My giant pink snapdragon.  It's about three times bigger than the other snapdragons in my garden and is also on the other side so I guess the soil is better.
Through the end of the spring and early summer I had lots of radishes grow, which was exciting because in the past whenever I have planted radishes/carrots/beats they never grow.  I don't like radishes, but I had a few since they're cool looking and I grew them.  
This cabbage patch is actually in my mom's garden and the greens and reds in the middle are lettuce.   This picture was taken on June 9...
And here it is yesterday (July 12)
Some nasturtiums.  I have lots in various colors throughout my garden.
My lavender plant is growing well this year after living in my garden for a few years.  When I first planted it, a giant orange hornet with long scary legs lived below it, so the plant was quite off limits.
I planted potatoes this year.  They surprisingly have a nice light purple flower, although I am not sure what is going on below the ground.  I might pull one of them up next week to see what's up.

I have a big squash and flower patch in the center of my garden with my flowers just starting to bloom.  Hopefully the squash will start growing some fruit soon. 

In addition to a new fence that my dad put in, I also have a 27/7 guard to watch over my plants.
Here are the flowers I picked from my garden.  Snapdragons, zinnias, lavender,  and echinacea. 
And some additional flowers from my mom's garden including some California poppies and bachelor buttons.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Training Tuesday

Tom and I woke up early to run and bike since it was supposed to be really hot out today.  In the afternoon, I went to Walden Pond with my mom did a swim workout there.

  • 6 mile easy run in the morning before it got really hot out
  • 90 minute bike with 6x20 second short hill sprint and single leg drills
  • 1 hour total swim at Walden Pond with a workout 
Coming out of the water at Walden

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quilt of the Month

Quilt of the month #3: My mom made this start quilt for me when I went off to college at Wake Forest. 

Happy Fourth of July!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Training Tuesday

Two days ago I raced the Cohasset Triathlon so I figured I would be pretty tired training today, but I actually felt really good and had a great bike ride with Tom in the morning and then I had the best swim workout I have had in quite some time.
  • 2 hour bike 
  • 4k swim workout with 10x100 with paddles uptempo with 5-10 second rest, 300, 3x100, 4x75, 6x50 all at 1:20 pace or faster all on 1:30 interval. 
At Woodman's after going to Crane Beach

Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Cohasset Triathlon

This morning I raced the Cohasset Triathlon and finished in second place in a time of 1:01:29.  This was my first triathlon of the summer, with my last triathlon in early September 2013.  I am quite pleased with how the race went.
Getting ready to start.  I'm in the corral to the left.

Tom and I got up early and drove down the coast to Cohasset.  We got to see the sun rise, and it was really cool because for some reason the sun was bright red.  We managed not to blind ourselves by looking at it too much.  We beat the lines to pick up my number and chip and I was able to get all set without having to rush at all, which was nice.  I realized once I got my packet that I forgot to bring a race belt for my number, but luckily there was a Fastsplits tent and I was able to buy a new race belt there.  I also got a quick little tuneup done on my bike because the chain has been skipping, so they fixed that right up.

The water was supposedly 55 degrees, but with a wetsuit it did not feel as cold as I expected it to (but it was great for an ice bath after the race!).  I was very unsure of how the swim would go.  Last week I swam my first 200 straight at an uptempo pace and this week I struggled through a not very tough swim workout at swim practice (while wearing fins).  Like with the entire race, I was about 95% confident that I would be able to push through and have a solid result.  I ended up having a much better swim than I expected, coming out of the water with the top females.  I didn't go out aggressively at all and ended up near the back, but then after the first buoy I realized I could go faster and was able to zig zag through other swimmers to move on up, while trying to draft on people as I went by.  The hardest part of the race for me was the 15 or 20 seconds time spent running out of the water and into the transition area.
Here's my dad watching me ride by near the end of the bike

The bike went better than I expected it to.  I have done some 3 hour rides, some high cadence drills, some short hill sprints, and single leg drills, but I have done no actual workouts on the bike since mid January.  I therefore was a bit wary of how long I was going to last going really hard.  Therefore, I went out at an effort I normally would in a race, and was very pleased not to get passed by any of my competitors until around 5 or 6 miles, at which point I was able to keep not too far behind them for a mile or two.  I had a fleeting moment of "hmmm this might not end too well" when around halfway I looked at my speedometer and saw I was averaging over 20mph, which is significantly faster than anything I have done for more than a minute in 6 months, but I was fine.  I made sure to just cruise on the downhills (rather than pedaling to gain speed) so that I could recover a bit.  This seemed to work just fine, as I had a really solid bike for myself (only .4mph slower than last year) and I felt strong heading into the run.  During the bike I had a bottle of Tropical Fruit (with caffeine) GU Energy Roctane, which served to both hydrate me and fuel me up for the run.

About 100m to go on the run.  I got to race in my SOAS racing
kit for the first time and it was nice and comfortable
The run was a nice way to cap off a good race.  I normally just go for it on the run, but today I knew that would be a bad idea.  I started off fairly conservatively, got my legs back from the bike, then after about a minute, knew that I was actually feeling solid, and got on with it.  I felt stronger than I expected on the hills, although they of course were hard.  The most surprising thing to me about the whole race, was that the last maybe 2-3 minutes was the best that I have felt since December.  It was as if the 57 or so minutes of the race up to that point had shocked my body back into shape and I felt like I could just keep on going for many miles.

As the numbers show, with Cohasset being one of the fastest races to sell out each year, this is a great race.  Not only is it a wonderful course, the volunteers, race staff, community, spectators, and other racers are all top notch and very positive.  The start of the bike and run are along the same route for about 400 or 800 meters and it was nice and motivating how many of the athletes just starting their bike were cheering for me as I started the run.  Congrats to all the competitors out there today, I hope that everyone had as great of an experience as I did.
With Tom and my dad after the race.
Thanks to my mom for all the great pictures!

Cohasset capped my first month back of following a TDT Systems structured training plan, during which I also had a 5k road race, and overall re-acclimated to training.  I am looking forward to what the summer and fall will bring with my next race likely being a 4th of July 5k road race.